Golden-Cows Hack Cheats [Add Gold/Unlock Gold Cows]


Golden-Cows Hack Cheats [Add Gold/Unlock Gold Cows]

Hello all guys. I to present you awesome game and software. Play the game, invest your gold to buy some of cows, to milk cows and sell milk bottles – collect gold. This is only the game. Now you create gold and add to your account by Golden-Cows Cheats Tool. New option? Gold Cows is online. Unlock Gold Cows and earn not milk, but gold directly. Gold exchange to mBTC or invest to buy next cows.



What options he has?

  • Add Gold
  • Unlock Gold Cows
  • Connect with your account: id/username or email. Not needed password
  • Buy all cows if you want.
  • Weekly software updates to new options

How to use software?

  1. Download Golden-Cows Cheats.exe and open
  2. Set your username or id or email account.
  3. Select or enter number of gold to add your account
  4. Select Gold Cows unlock. To get not milk bottles but gold directly.
  5. invest farther or payout to Bitcoins wallet



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