Tibia Hack Cheats [Add Level, Skills, Premium Account, Crystal Coins]


Tibia OTS Hack Cheats [Add Level, Skills, Premium Account, Crystal Coins]

Hello. Today Thebesthack.net to present you amazing MMO RPG Game. Tibia is Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In tibi is playing about 20 thousand people online and many people on open tibia servers (OTS). People plays in real tibia server and open tibia private servers. In the game we are collecting the variuos things but costlinesses are most important. Software can generate Crystal Coins to your account and premium account update your account. Hack add level and up your skills.



Tibia OTS Hack Cheats Software Features:

  • Add Unlimited [CC] Crystal Coins. You can change it to Platinum Coins and [GP] Gold Coins crystal_coins_500k
  • Upgrade your account to Premium Account (+90 days Pacc)
  • indeks
  • Add Levels [Experience] (Max +100)
  • Up your char skills.
  • Sofware works to Real Tibia Servers (Rl Tibia) and Open Tibia Server (Private Servers)

How to use software Tibia OTS Hack Cheats?

  1. Download software Tibia Cheats.exe
  2. Open software and select option: Real Tibia or Open Tibia Server
  3. Enter your nickname from the game. If you select OTS enter server ip address.
  4. Next, select hack features: crystal coins, premium account, level or/and skills.
  5. Click, generate and wait. software hacking your account and updating.
  6. Finally, log in to your account in tibia and enjoy! Crystal Coins are in main backpack, skills,level updated and premium account generated.
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